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Are you work in dust or explosives? RT56 is your escort

by Cara

Are you work in dust or explosives? RT56 is your escort. Explosion-proof walkie-talkie is smaller in the share on walkie-talkie market, basically, be aimed at much dust the place that produces explosion easily, what think of above all is flour factory and petroleum factory. In an explosion-prone area, all communication tools will be strictly required. It is possible that a very small electrical spark can ignite the plant, which is a very dangerous thing.

The explosion-proof intercom is specially used for explosive places of the intercom, explosion-proof intercom in the manufacturing process through special process processing, the greatest possible reduction of the generation of an electric spark so that the use of the environment safer.

RT56 is one of our explosion-proof radios. And it is portable, can be used in many workplaces.

RT56 explosive-proof radio appearance


And here are the functions and parameters of RT56:

Frequency range: U/V 136~174MHz/400~480MHz


IP65 dustproof and waterproof: Can work in dust and humidity environment;

Falling alarm: a beep prompt if it falls;

128 Memory Channels

1750Hz Tone Code Function

and other functions are W/N band, VOX 1~9, CTCSS/DCS, TOT 270s, Squelch 0~9, scanning, monitor, flashlight, FM, VFO mode, and other functions you can find on the page: parameter

What’s more, when using an explosion-proof radio, the following matters need to be noted:

  1. Do not replace batteries and other accessories in dangerous places, because during the replacement process, it is easy to produce electrical sparks that can cause explosions or fires.
  2. Do not disassemble or modify explosion-proof tested products, or you will lose the explosion-proof certification.
  3. Charging or use should be carried out in accordance with the way specified in the manual to avoid damage or danger of equipment caused by operation error.

Other information about RT56 can be found:

How to make RT56 Explosion-proof radio talk with RT47 FRS license-free radio

Are you work in dust or explosives? RT56 is your escort.


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