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‘Alive’ guide: Prepper radio

by Cara

Over the weekend, I saw a movie at home, and it was a movie about surviving a frenzied zombie attack, ALIVE. As the name implies, this is a film about survival. I would recommend it because it’s also a survival guide and how to survive with resources, including their Prepper radio.

Prepper radio

RT5 and RT3S is a ham radio for preppers, some Preppers have to test the radio and provide their review. It is easy to program on the keyboard and can connect to more people. They can work in the VHF frequency band and UHF frequency band, and RT5 is an analog radio, you can use it to talk to analog radios, but RT3S is a DMR radio, so, you can use it to talk to both analog radios and digital radios. Also, the screen can help you check the information. RT5 has a flashlight to help you work in dark.

RB27 series are also suitable for Preppers. Because it also has a flashlight, screen, functional keypad, and weather alarm function. You can use it if you are in bad weather or outdoors. It is easy to use and the functional keypad can help you activate the function.

Do you like them? You don’t know when the danger will come, so storing a pair of walkie-talkies at home like the heroine in the movie may be your vitality.

More info can be found:


If you like the Prepper radios or if you have some stories about survival, let’s discuss them in the comments section.





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Matthew July 9, 2021 - 8:03 am

The first two mentioned are rebranded Baofeng radios. You didn’t mention that a Tech license or better is required to use them. The RB27 is a GRMS radio, which uses the same frequencies as the FRS radios use, except it’s higher power and has a removeable antenna, which also requires a license. Unless you plan to just keep them and not use them until SHTF, and then try and figure out how to make them work, it’s suggested to get a license and learn how to use them. Just my thoughts

Cara July 9, 2021 - 10:08 am

Exactly, there are 5 versions of RB27, the RB27 is a GMRS radio, but RB27B and RB627B are license-free radios for FRS and PMR frequency band, so you can use them in normal life. And we are committed to standing on the shoulders of giants to see the world. Thanks.


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