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What do you usually do on the 6m ham radio?

Many hams are interested in our HS2 SDR ham radio, and if you are willing to work on the 6m ham radio, the HS2 ham radio is good for you.

by Cara

What is the 6m radio? And all the frequencies can be used for hams? Not exactly. The 6-meter band is a 50MHz frequency band. In the US and Canada, 50MHz-54MHz is the amateur band, but in some countries, this band can only be used for Military communication, and in other countries, the frequency band is used for TV. In the UK, it is valid for hams to work on 50-52MHz, and they always work on the 50-51MHz.

The US and Canada 6m hams can also use for RC, here are the RC channels and the max power is 1W.


So, our HS2 ham radio can also work on the 6m band.

The frequency band of HS2 are:

  • 160m-1.800-2.000MHz
  • 80m-3.500-3.900Mhz
  • 60m-5.351.5-5.366.5Mhz
  • 40m-7.000-7.300Mhz
  • 30m-10.100-10.150Mhz
  • 20m-14.000-14.350Mhz
  • 17m-18.068-18.168Mhz
  • 15m-21-21.450Mhz
  • 12m-24.890-24.990Mhz
  • 10m-28-29.7Mhz
  • 6m-50-54Mhz
  • 2m-144-146/148Mhz
  • 70cm-430-450MHz

So, you can do a lot of things when you use this HS2 SDR radio.

What’s more, if you are building a communication outside, you can also use the new SM01 desktop microphone and FS01 foot switch to free your hand. You can check more information on their description.

So, do you have a 6m ham radio? What do you usually do on it? And if you are interested in Retevis HS2 SDR radio, you can find more information on our official website.

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