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How to start with the GMRS radio RB19P?

RB19P is our new GMRS radio, we will compare with RB19 FRS radio to discuss why we should have a GMRS radio RB19P.

by Cara

RB19 is a license-free radio, but if you noticed our Facebook page, you may find we have a new GMRS radio RB19P. So, do you know what’s the changes and how to start with the GMRS radio RB19P?

Ultra-Thin GMRS Radio RB19P

First of all, we should know what’s the GMRS radio and where is the differences.

RB19P is a standard GMRS radio, which means the antenna is fixed, 30 fixed GMRS channels, and you have to pay for the license fees to use it in legal.

RB19 is an FRS radio, it has 22/16 fixed channels from 462.5500-467.7125MHz and 446.00625-446.19375MHz.

To compare these two versions, we can know the GMRS radio has more channels and a wide frequency range.

However, as we know, we recruiting influencers to test our radios, I saw someone said the GMRS is a way to full fill their pocket in the comment. But the license-free frequency band is opening for everyone and in order to ensure information security and facilitate the management of radio frequency. GMRS is a means of opening more frequency bands to the public and has stricter requirements for both manufacturers and users than license-free interphones.

And the application for GMRS is relatively simple, you only need to apply to the local radio club, as long as the applicant is over 18 years old, after one application, the whole family regardless of age can use GMRS intercom.

If you don’t want to be constantly picking up other transmissions, or if you don’t want people to easily hear your calls, the GMRS is a good choice.

The next thing is the functions and features of RB19P.

We have many GMRS radios like RB27,  what are the functions and features of RB19P?

  • A 1,7inch screen can help you check the icons and the working status.
  • CTCSS/DCS codes can help you filter the calls.
  • SET function to eliminate the roger beep.
  • VOX function, free your hand to call.
  • 11 NOAA channels. You can receive the weather broadcast alarm from the 11 weather channels.
  • Hight-quality shell, advanced user experience.

The features of RB19P are:

  • lightweight and super thin. It is only 128g, and it is small.
  • 1650mAh Li-ion battery. Long standby and long working time.
  • 1.3miles of high-quality call, and 1.6miles of a normal call.

How do you think of GMRS radios and RB19P radio? Please leave your comment below, and we hope to discuss something about radios or licenses. Hope you are doing well, see you next time.

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