How to spread frequency on dual band mobile car radio RT95?

Retevis RT95 is a dual band mobile car radio , it cover VHF:144-148MHz UHF: 430~440MHz,but some customer want to have full band?

Here is the steps how to change  switch between full frequency and amateur frequency on dual band mobile car radio RT95:
1)Turn off the device, Press P4+FUNC+POWER ON KEY (at the same time press 3 keys), then power on.

2)You will see content like RED CIRCLED BELOW

rotate the channel knob to Choose to Mode menu


3) Press and hold PTT key on the external speaker mic. MODE no. Change to blue color, then rotate the channel knob to choose the frequency band you need.


MODE1= 430-440, 144-148
MODE2= 400-490, 136-174
MODE3= 430-440, 144-146
When you choose Mode 2,then you can use the full frequency. 136-174 MHz and 400-490MHz
4)Turn off the device, then turn on again. Will be the new frequency band you setted.

Retevis  is the brand specializing in the design and manufacture of two way radios .We have own R&D team to support customized needs. Certainly, our products are approved by FCC, CE and BSCI.  If you are interested, we will be very happy to send you the product list with a quote.

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