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How to set up the Retevis RT78 on the mobile App

by Laura Zheng

How to set up the Retevis RT78 Bluetooth walkie-talkie on the mobile App

Retevis RT78 is a  Bluetooth Walkie Talkie,  IP67 Waterproof , 5200mAh ,  Mobile APP Operation , Dual Band,

How to programming  RT78 when you receive it?

First: How to connect the walkie-talkie?

1. Android users, open the phone, scan the QR code below, download the walkie-talkie APP

retevis RT78 Android app -laura-1

Apple users, Search “BS HT” in Apple Store,  Download APP   Please refer to the official website for details : https://www.retevis.com/rt78-manual
2. Open the app, select “bind new device”, open the walkie talkie, then double-click the  orange button on the top of the walkie talkie, you will hear the “ding-dong” pairing tone, and  prompt the walkie talkie to enter pairing status.
3. choose the device you want to pair

How to set up the Retevis RT78 Bluetooth walkie-talkie through the mobile app-laura-2
4. some mobile phone Bluetooth pairing requires authorization, so [make sure] pull down  the phone menu to see, select to confirm, Bluetooth pairing can be paired successully.

Second: How to modify the frequency?

Open the mobile app and open the RT78 interface, as shown below  Long press on a channel and select Edit Channel to edit the channel parameters.

How to set up the Retevis RT78 Bluetooth walkie-talkie through the mobile app-Laura-3

Third: How to display the frequency on the phone

When the frequency setting is completed, horizontally displaying the phone, and the frequency will be displayed on the map interface (the up arrow means launching status and the down arrow means receiving state)

Fouth: How to create a new network channel (this function is only valid for Android)

1. Open the APP, click [Join Network Channel], select [Create New Channel]
2. Set the group name you want on the title, signaling your password, if it is empty, meas  open to join
3. Click [Save] in the upper right corner to create a new network channel.

Fifth: How to bind the network channel? (This feature is only available for Android)

1.long press the top avatar, select login, choose to log in with QQ
2. In the APP interface, select [Join Network Channel], select [Add Existing Channel], click  the [Magnifying Glass] icon in the upper right corner, enter the channel group you need to enter in the text box, click [Join] to join the network.If the webmaster sets the password,  you need to enter the same password to enter.
3. Open the RT78 interface, press and hold on a certain channel, select [Bind Network Channel], and then select the network channel you joined and bind is ok.

Sixth: How to achieve network and analog switching? (This feature is only available  for Android)

1. Under the network channel you are bound to, long press and click [Link Mode] to realize network and analog transition. (Note: To achieve network analog transition, you must have the administrator qualification of the network group. Non administrator has no right to operate)
2. [synchronous radio configuration], this function can synchronize the analog frequency of the network channel that bound to the network channels into the same parameters (without the consent of the members, please be cautious to operate)

Seventh: How to close the car radio after the pairing?

Open the mobile app, click on the [Power] section and turn it to gray to turn off the car radio. The next time you need to turn it on, open the app and the [Power] part will light up and you can use it normally.

Eighth: How to turn offlon the signaling tone?

Long press the avatar to enter the following interface:  Click [ldentification Information] to enable/disable signaling, such as [Location] On,  Signaling Sound Position Signal

Nineth: How to turn on voice relay?

Open the APP, select the RT78 interface, open the settings interface . select [General  Settings], click [Voice Relay] to implement the voice relay function (this function does not depend on the network)

If you have any question about this radio, please contact us freely ,our email: partner@retevis.com

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