RT21 Walkie Talkies:How to set up for different departments

RT21 walkie talkies is suitable for all kinds of business,will have good performance in hotels, churches, restaurants, schools, construction sites and other businesses.

At the same time, RT21 walkie talkies has a FRS frequency of 50 CTCSS / DCS that will keep your group communication away from interference.


Now let’s take the example of a group of people in different parts of a company. Teach you how to set it up.

A company generally includes the general manager’s office, administrative department, operation department, finance department, and publicity department.

Since the terms of reference of different departments are different, only the internal staff of the department is needed for coordination and cooperation.

How to achieve it?

The administrative department is set to 462.125 for all channel or specific channel, and the CTCSS set to 69.3


The operation department is set to462.725, and the CTCSS set to 103.5;


The finance department is set to 463.625, and the CTCSS choose 114.8;

The propaganda department is set to 462.825 and the CTCSS set to 127.3;


By the way, the manager can set up several channel same with different department, such as channel 1 same with administrative department,channel 2 same with operation department….

Then, he will choose different channel to communicate or notice some important information.

Each department communicates with their own frequency and CTCSS/DCS, which is safe and secret. If you want to achieve a call between different departments,

you must set same frequency and CTCSS same with other department.

The RT21 has 16 channels, 50 CTCSS/105DCS for you to choose. The two knobs are easy to operate, and when you set them up, each group member works directly

with the same channel.


The reasons why RT21 is suitable for the team are as follows:

1.It is suitable for temperatures from 14°F to +122°F.

2.It is easy to operate and is suitable for every operator, it has been programmed to 3.the same frequency and works directly.

4.You don’t need to program the radio, you can work directly on the same channel, suitable for each group.

5.The rugged housing is suitable for all occasions and staff, without worrying about breakage.

7.Each radio has its own smart charging dock so everyone can charge the radio separately.

8.Crystal voice and long distances ensure that your work goes smoothly; scrambling keeps your communications uninterrupted.

9.It’s easy to find the right accessories to order their needs for the group



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