How to set group call on Analog Radio?

How to set group call on Analog Radio?

We often hear pravite call and group call on walkie talkie. Pravite call means one-to- one talking. But what is group call? How to implement this function on Analog Radio?

1.What is group call?

Group call is a wonderful concept and technology, which is effective manner on initiating communication within the group.

If you want to have a conference call, and let more than one people join in a conversation and share information, you can use the walkie talkie group call function.

If you’re on a group hike, you can use the group call function of walkie talkies to keep in touch with all other members, Keep abreast of weather information, And other information published by the team at various locations.

2.How to implement this function on Analog Radio?

Generally speaking, we’ve tacitly assumed that group call just for digital walkie talkie, does the Analog Radio have the group calling function?

The the answer is yes, We can feel that the group call on Analog Radio is Multiperson to multiperson calls, just set their communication channels on the same frequencies and CTSCC/DCS.

How to set up?  Let’s do a demonstration.

For example, We have 50 walkie talkkies(RT21,RT22,RT24,RT27,RT28 and so on). We will divide them into three groups, group 1, group 2 , group 3. We want to use different channels for different groups.

We just need to make sure the communication channels with the same frequencies and CTCSS/DCS.

A.We set all the Group 1 on channel 1, the TX/RX frequencies is 400.42500, CTCSS/DCS is 67.0.

B.We set all the Group 2 on channel 2, the TX/RX frequencies is 425.62500, CTCSS/DCS is 69.3.

C.We set all the Group3 on channel 3, the TX/RX frequencies is 400.0000, CTCSS/DCS is 77.0.

Write it to the radio.

Then you we can test it.

Turn on your radio, Select channel 1, you can talk with all members in group1;

Select channel 2, you can talk with all members in group2;

Select channel 3, you can talk with all members in group3.


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