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How to set up the RT99 link mode to talk with your radios and your phones

The benefit for Andriod users is to operate the link mode on RT99.

by Cara

This is the one mobile radio to talk with your phone. The link mode can convert frequency calls to network calls. Is it difficult for operators? No, follow the step to activate the link mode for convenient communications.

Above all, you should follow these 3 notes,

  1. It is only valid for the Andriod application.
  2. You have to be an administrator in the group.
  3. It is a must to pair your phone and RT99 radio.

How to set up the link mode:

  1. Please choose the channel which you pair with your RT99 radio. Your radios and your phones should be on the same channel. Check the blog for how to pair your RT99 radio.
  2. Then, your phone can talk to your radio, and your phone and another phone can talk on the Application.
  3. Long press the channel and choose the link mode in the list. If the frequency on the channel has been changed by your operation, you can edit the frequency on the app.
  4. Then, your RT99 radio can talk to all the devices on the channel.

It means your phone A can pair to your RT99, and it is the administrator in the group. Add phone B, radio A, and radio B to the group. In the RT99 link mode, your RT99 mobile radio can talk to each device at the same frequency. And your phones and radios can also talk to each other as well. That is the link mode working rules.

When does link mode work?

Like in farm work, not everyone has a radio, but they have a phone. At this time, you can choose the RT99 link mode to build a channel to talk with all the members who have the radios and phones. You do not have to pay for the radios and cell phone service fees. A budget method in farming and groups. You can find it on our website.

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