How to quickly program many H-777 ?

If you have a large number of H-777 need to write,

do you need to write the frequency one by one?Of course not,that is terrible .

Now we are going to learn how to quickly write to a large number of H-777radios.


All you need to do is following the below steps.



1.Download H-777 software and USB driver.

You have to download the H-777 software and the USB driver from how to program H-777,here is the link
2.Install Software and USB driver. Choose the right bit and the system.You can find it from the Computer system information.
3.Plug the cable tightly both side.And write the frequency as you want, click “write to radio” the data will be saved in the radio,then choose the option “save” or “save as”to save the data as a date file.
4.Then remove the radio that have saved the data.



5.Change another radio you want to program,after you plug in the cable tightly. Open your radio,

then click the “open” function,then choose the data file you have saved,open it.

Then the data will appear in the software, and just “write to radio” then the data will be saved in the walkie-talkie.

6. Repeat step 5,then all of your radio data is the same.You just need to write the frequency for one time. and repeat the “open” and “write to radio” as the step 5.
Many analog radios can quickly write frequency through this method.


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