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How to programme RT22?

by Lucy

How to programme RT22

RT22 is small and light, easy to carry. Although there is no screen, it is easy to use. Its call quality is clear. So RT22 is a good choise in license-free radio.

As an lisence-free radio, RT22 has a wide range of uses. It can be used as an assistant for teamwork in the company, can help communication in the farm, and can also be used in the school, and so on.

Retevis radios of the same model have the same default frequency. Normally, as long as they are tuned to the same channel, they can communicate directly. However, you may also encounter a situation that the newly purchased RT22 and the old RT22 still cannot communicate even if they are tuned to the same channel. At this time, you need to programme RT22 in the software. So you need to know how to programme RT22.

How to programme RT22?

Here are the steps to program it:

Step 1: Please download and install RT22 USB universal driver here: www.retevis.com/USB_Driver/USB_universal_Driver.zip

Step 2: Please download RT22 software. You can find the sofrtware under the product support page, and please make sure to install the driver before installing the software.

Step 3: You need a programming cable C9018A.

Step 4: Connect your computer and the radio with the programming cable, and make sure all connections are tight, in good connecting status.

Step 5: Open the software and your radio, click “setting”-“communication port”, choose the correct port. You can find the port you need to select from the “device manager-port”.

Step 6: Click “programme”, then you will see “read from radio”, click it. The radio’s information will be displayed on the software. Then you you can set the radio’s function settings and channe information, such as, CTC/DCSS.

Step 7: After programming, click “setting”-“Write to Radio”. Then all datas will be saved to the radio.

Have you learnt that?

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