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How to programme NR30 Waterproof GMRS Radio

by Lewis

The NR30 Waterproof GMRS Radio is a two-way communication device designed for outdoor use, such as hiking, hunting, or camping.
It operates on the GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) frequency, which provides longer-range communication than traditional two-way radios
If you want to know how to programme NR30 Waterproof GMRS Radio, please follow me to do

In order to programme, you firstly need a programming cable J9131P


programme NR30 Waterproof GMRS Radio

The USB driver and programming software under the support page of the product


NR30 Waterproof GMRS Radio

How to programme NR30 Waterproof GMRS Radio

1. Please keep the connection port tight between the radio and the computer by programming cable, please note the radio keep open when you programme

2.Choose correct communication port( check in computer-device manager) to keep same as radio communication port

Waterproof GMRS Radio

3. Click Read’ to refresh data, when Click Write’ to keep data

GMRS Radio

NR30 is a GMRS radio, the default frequency can’t be changed, but you can change CTCSS/DCS, TX power, W/N, and so on
You also do other settings in the Edit box to choose other features, such as VOX function, Squelch, mic gain, and so on

Actually, programming a radio is very simple, if you have any questions when you programme NR30 GMRS Radio, please feel free to contact us


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