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How To Prevent Corrosion on Your Marine Radio

by Cherry

Corrosion by salt water will be a major problem for any equipment at sea. No matter how waterproof your equipment is. Without the right maintenance, corrosion will eventually cause loss of performance, even broken equipment.

We Retevis also has some Marine VHF handheld Radios. These radios are widely used at sea. Some for the water sports enthusiasts, some for sailing clubs. And some for Marine Boat.

Prevent Corrosion on Your Marine Radio-RETEVIS MARINE VHF HANDHELD RADIO RA26

Prevent Corrosion on Your Marine Radio

In this blog, we will tell you how to do it daily to protect Your Marine Radio.

Prevent Corrosion on Marine Radio

When your marine radio is inflow with salt water, You need to do:
1, Shake your device to allow some of the water to drain
2, Wash off salt water with fresh water. This will prevent salt build-up.
3, Make sure your Radio or other equipment dries thoroughly. If you want to charge them, please make sure they are thoroughly dry.
4, Weekly apply silicone grease to battery terminals. This will protect the battery contacts.
5, Clean the control shafts and remove the antenna to clean the knobs and connectors. Re-greased likewise.


Sometimes your equipment is used in a wet environment, and you also need to do something to make your equipment dry.

If you still have problems with Marine radios, please leave messages below or email us at partner@retevis.com.


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