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How to prepare for the weather disaster like tornado and hurricane?

Preparing the guide and tools for the bad weather and disaster.

by Cara

In summer, the tornado season again, so it is time to prepare for the terrible weather disaster.  The United States is home to tornadoes, so the American people need to be prepared for tornadoes. Severe weather changes can bring very bad damage, such as widespread power and water outages, urban flooding, disruption of public services, and loss of personal property.

In order to reduce loss and damage, we need to consider the following aspects,

YOU NEED A PLAN. You have to know where, how, and what you should go. If you are in the path of a tornado, you can write down your plan and stick it in a visible area.

For example, I should go to the shelter with my family and pets when I received an emergency broadcast. And call the emergency services for help.

PACKING AN EMERGENCY KIT. Now, you should prepare some essential goods like tab water, can food, a first aid kit, your ID card/diver card/insurance/passport, a fire extinguisher, a power supplier, a water purifier, and others.

POWER SUPPLIER. A power bank is limited, it is better to have a continuous power supplier tool like a solar generator or an oil-powered generator. But the solar generator is better than an oil-powered generator because solar energy is eternal.

FASTEN EVERYTHING. Your furniture, grills, and other items should be mounted in a safe area. And you have to enhance your roof and window and clean the drainage ditch. It is a good way to reduce the risks.

THE CAR AT ITS BEST. If you do not have a shelter, or you have to outside, it is important to fuel the car and car maintenance. Because you have to run against the storm.

If you have all of this ready, then, you have to focus on the news and weather forecast. And you may have to go outside for working or shopping, then, you should stay online 24/7. Or you can find nearby shelters or emergency service clinics for help.

Emergency two-way radio can help you monitor the weather alarm and keep in communication with your local emergency services, police offices, and your family, and it is portable and long-standby. Visit the HD1 ham radio page for information. And you can also find the feedback by JOEL MAYORGA(TG9NJM)

Thus, if you can follow the guide to prepare for a weather disaster, you will be sager, more planned, and prepared. Prepare for the SHTF world.




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