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How to open the alarm function on RT22/RT622?

by Lisa Zhao

RT22 is Retevis hot sale radios for business and personal use. Many people like its small size, light weight, good quality with great price.Today we introduce you how to open the alarm function on RT22/RT622.


RT22 has functions as follows: Scan, VOX, Alarm, Beep.  Many people do not know how to use when they received it first time.In fact, some functin has hot key to enter, some are need to program in the software.

Today we tell you how to open the alarm function on RT22 as an example:

You need get a programming cable (C9018A) and RT22 software from us. After you installed and read from the RT22, you will see as follows:

That is where to define the alarm function to the side key, you can choose Remote alarm, which means everyone on same channel can hear your alarm when you press it. If you choose the Local alarm, only your own radio will alarm, the people near you can hear, but if far away, it is a little hard to hear.

After you click the function you need, you can write and save it to your radios.


So you can use the save way to define other functions, and RT22 also has some hot key :

Switch to channel 7first, then turn off the radio. Press“CH+”key, turn on the radio at the same time. There will be a voice “VOX ON” or “VOX OFF”.


Retevis  is the brand specializing in the design and manufacture of two way radios .We have own R&D team to support customized needs. Certainly, our products are approved by FCC, CE and BSCI.  If you are interested, we will be very happy to send you the product list with a quote.

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