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How to make your handheld radio connect RT97 repeater

by Lewis

If you have some troubles about how to make handheld radio connect RT97 repeater, pls follow me to operate it

RT97 repeater has 3 versions: UHF version(TX 463.3125MHz / RX 453.3125MHz), VHF version(TX 162.6125MHz / RX 152.6125MHz) and customized version

Taking the UHF version for example, the default frequency as below

 handheld radio connect RT97 repeater

If your handheld radio is RT22, how to make RT22 connect RT97 repeater?

Please reprogramme your RT22 frequency to keep opposite in Tx and RX frequency as RT97 repeater

RT97 repeater

After done, you can switch any channels of RT22(1-16 channels) to make them communicate, but pls note you need to keep the same channel number of the RT97 repeater

In order to complete the whole operating processing above, you need to reprogramme frequency by RT22 software

The USB driver


The software for RT22


if your handheld radio is a DMR radio, due to the RT97 repeater is an analog repeater, you need to reprogramme your handheld radio in analog mode

Do you know how to make your handheld radio connect RT97 repeater? if you still have questions please email us by partner@retevis.com


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