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How to make RT22 communicates with H777

by retevis

RT22 communicates with H777, this will be a question to those who first use radio.

Now I will talk you how  to make the RT22 communicates with H777.

RT22 and H777  are all the analog  radios.So please make sure:

1.  The RX and TX frequencies must be same.

2,  The CTSCC/DCS code must be same.


Then we begin learn how to programming.

Please ready a cable for programming,you can also get it on Retevis website,

here is the link:https://www.retevis.com/2-pin-programming-cable-for-retevis-h777

You can get the software  here:https://www.retevis.com/resources-center.Install the H777 software.

About how to install the software,here is the blog:https://www.twowayradiocommunity.com/how-to-programme-h777



Now we set  frequency and CTCSS/DCS of H777.

1.For example,Rx  Freq:465.65. Tx Freq:465.65 CTCSS/DCS   67

2.Then install RT22 software,just like H777.

3.Choose the corresponding Freq Range.Click”Machine”choose”Frequency.



4.Set same frequency and CTCSS/DCS with H777. You do not need select same channel with H777,as is the following shows,about RT22,you can select channel 5 ,They will not influence talking.Set Rx Freq 465.65.Tx Freq465.65,CTCSS/DCS  67



5.After you programming about RT22 and H777,then RT22 can talks with H777.

If you cannot program,please confirm if your cable and software are correct,or please contact support@retevis.com.we will  solve the problem for you.

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