How to make Retevis H777 talk with H777S?

Both H777 and H777S are analog radio, if make them can talk with each other, please keep same frequency and CTCSS/DCS in same channel. Let us detailedly study how to make Retevis talk with H777S?

1.What you need to do

A.You need a C9018A programming cable for programming:

B.Download and install usb driver and software for H777 and H777S by this link:

2.How to make Retevis H777 talk with H777S

A.Here’s a blog detail introduction about how to programme H777:

Programming a frequency in H777 software

TX frequency: 465.23500

TX frequency: 465.23500


Retevis H777

2.Progrmme H777S with same steps with H777

Retevis H777S

After H777 and H777S programme done, then try to talk each other, if they can TX/RX indicate it’s success to programme

Do you know how to make Retevis H777 talk with H777S? if you have anything questions, please contact us by email,, thanks


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