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How to make H777 communicate with RT21?

by Lisa Zhao

RT21 and H777  are  analog radios. To make H777 communicate with RT21  is very easy:

Just to set the RX and TX frequencies and the CTSCC/DCS (  same as QT/DQT) the same .


Please operate the followings  step by step:


1, you need a programming cable for the two radios.

2, you need the software of the two radio. ( we will send the software in a separately e-mail).

You can find the programming cable here ( the two radio can use the same one) :

here is the link: https://www.retevis.com/2-pin-programming-cable-for-retevis-h777#C9018AX1

About how to install the software,here is the blog:https://www.twowayradiocommunity.com/how-to-programme-h777


Now we start to set the  frequency and QT/DQT (also name as CTCSS/DCS)  of H777.

1.For example: channel 1: Rx  Freq:462.56250 Tx Freq:462.56250  QT/DQT: 67   QT/DQT Enc: 67

channel 2: Rx Freq: 462.58750  Tx Freq: 462.58750  QT/DQT: 69.3   QT/DQT Enc: 69.3

2.Then same as H777, you can install the RT21 software: QT/DQT (also name as CTCSS/DCS)

3, Remember to Click” Read from Radio” in “Program” Column, then write the frequency, after program , save the data to the radio. Then the H777 can communicate with RT21.
If you have any questions when program, you can contact us by e-mail: lisa@retevis.com
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