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How to increase GMRS RT76 communication range

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GMRS can be used in handsets and repeaters.

RT76 is the first GMRS radio of Retevis, its high power higher than FRS radio so that it can reach your long-distance needs. People may apply for a license by completing the application form, either on paper or online through the FCC’s Universal Licensing System. No exam is required. A GMRS license is issued for a 10–year term. The fee is $70 for most applicants. But also, the certificates are easy to obtain.

However, accompanied by the development of the economy, the high building is increasing. In addition to the high buildings, dust, rain and other obstacles also make the actual communication distance much smaller than the theoretical.

So if you are exploring outdoor, you may have some obstacle to inhibit you to connect with your group. When you meet the emergency situation like lost, injured or worse weather, connected with your priority contact is so important that maybe saving your life.

Also in the COVID-19 period, long-distance communication maybe a big resource. With a long-distance communication capacity, you can get emergency information about your country for the first time.

How to increase the radios communication range.

Thus, if you want a longer distance, you can consider a portable repeater. RT97 is a GMRS portable repeater. Different from the big repeater, RT97 is easier to operate, easier to carry, and easier to install. You can increase the communication of your radio wherever you are.

Retevis RT76 has 8 channels to RT97 portable repeater. RT 97 can broaden RT76 communication range to 10 kilometers.

Do you want to buy both of them? Retevis introduce combination purchase link: RETEVIS RT97 &RT76


If you want to know more about it, you can scan this passage: Retevis GMRS analog repeater RT97

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