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You can fix RA685 usage problems

Do you want to fix RA685 radio by yourself? Learn more about the radio and solutions can solve 80% issues.

by Cara

RA685 is one of our popular and budget ham radios. As a result, many customers encountered problems that could not be found in the manual, as well as problems that novices often face. This blog will help you solve 80% of your problems.


Here are 6 Q&A of RA685 radio.

Q1: How can I choose the programming cable, mic, and headset to work with my RA685?

The programming cable is C9018A and C9055A. And due to the Kenwood 2-Pin jack, you can find a lot of mics and headsets to work on your RA685, like C9003A and C9060A. The antenna port is SMA-F, so you can choose the antenna that can work on the UHF&VHF band.

Q2: How to reset your radio?

The final choice in the menu list is reset. You can choose to reset your VFO or reset the menu and channel.

Q3: What is the difference between the 2 firmware?

When you press the PTT button and side key 2 button to turn on your radio, if the version is displayed on the screen, you can use CPS to update your radio. If nothing happened, you can use the RA685.binX file to upgrade your radio. Please reference here.

Q4: How to turn off the PTT-ID prompt?

Someone turns off the PTT-ID, but when they press PTT, they can also transmit the ID. How to solve the issue? So, you can open edit, find DTMF, and remove the mark of ‘press to send and release to send’ choice.

Q5: Can it program by Chirp?

Yes, it is. You can program the radio on Chirp, but please make sure your frequency band is limited.

Through these questions, I think it will be more convenient when using. If you have any other questions, let us know in the comments section. And please follow and chat with us on Facebook for more news, solutions, and discounts.

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