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How to Create Groups with RB21 Management Platform?

by Wendy

Retevis RB21 offers groups call, which is easy for management and organization. To achieve group call, you need to create a group and add members to the group, which is a group talking to each other. Administrators can add their own groups on the management platform. Let me introduce the steps to create groups with Management Platform.

Step 1 Create a group

At first, please find the “Group List” in “Group Management”. Then click “Create Group” to turn to the next page.

create a group

create a group

Step 2 Fill in group information

This page you can see several information need to be complete. Company name, group name and maximun users are required. After select your company name, you can set a group name according your requirement. Maximun users are up to 10000. You can also set the group priority, remake and group icon according your requirement.

complete the group information

complete the group information

Step 3 Submit and Check

After completing all the information, please click “Sumbit“, and it will prompt “Opearation Successfully“. Find the return button to return to the group list.

return to the group list

return to the group list

You can find you group in the group list by searching. The operation list allows following operations: manage user, voice recording and other dispatcher. If you want to modify your information, you can click the “Edit” on the right.

find the operation list

find the operation list

This is the entire process about how to create groups with RB21 management platform. Thank you for reading this blog! If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. We are looking forward to your comments!

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