How does Ailunce HD1 Connect to the Repeater ?

There are many HD1 customers always confused about how to connect the repeater correctly. Why there always display ‘Repeater Fail’? Let’s discuss it together.

What is Repeater

The repeater is a high-power signal Transponder, the hand-held radio transmission distance is limited, but it can be transmitted a farther distance through the repeater.

Like a radio, the repeater can be divided into digital repeater and analog repeater.

How to connect the radio to the analog repeater and DMR repeater correctly, let’s set it.

How does HD1 Connect to the Analog Repeater

Today I use Retevis RT97 as the test analog repeater that is connected with HD1.

RT97 repeater is a small and light analog repeater, which satisfies many customers require that low price, simple operation, further distance, also easy to carry outdoors.

And the TX and RX frequencies can be customized between UHF and VHF.

Frequency chooses UHF, program it on PC as shown below.

The RX frequency is set to 443.41250, the TX frequency is set to 453.41250, CTCSS:199.5HZ.

The RX frequency of radio is set to 453.41250, The TX frequency is set to 443.41250, CTCSS:199.5HZ.

I use Ailunce HD1 that has  FPP function, or you can program your radio by PC software.

Then the HD1 radio can connect the repeater.

There is a video that shows HD1 connect with RT97 repeater:

How does HD1 Connect to the DMR Repeater

DMR repeater has the time slot, color code, frequency, and other parameter settings.

Suppose there is a local DMR repeater whose RX frequency is 452.32500, the TX frequency is 459.32500, the color code is 1, the time slot is 2.

Set the RX frequency of radio to 459.32500, The TX frequency is set to 452.32500, the color code is 1, the time slot is 2, set contacts.

And remember set the DMR Mode to Repeater Mode.

In setting, please choose the “Repeater Connect 1” as shown below.

Then the radio can connect the repeater.

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