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How to choose two radio way for summer camp

by Lewis

When the summer is approching, some schools make outdoor summer camps, the two way radio is one of the necessary equipment. If you are one of the schools that are considering how to choose two radio way for summer camp, please follow me

Normally, the small and lightweight is very popular as it’s easy to carry outdoor

RT22 and RT622, RT22 is an FRS license-free radio, RT622 is a PMR446 license-free radio, small body to carry waist and chest easily

Other small and mini radio you can choose, like RT15 and RT18

RT15: https://www.retevis.com/rt15-mini-lightweight-frs-for-business-radio#overview


If it’s inconvenient for carrying in the waist and chest, you can choose the RT20 radio with a long sling, you can hang on neck

RT20: https://www.retevis.com/rt20-frs-mini-commercial-radios#BuyNow

two radio way for summer camp

If you need an IP67 waterproof radio, you can choose RT47 FRS license-free radio and RT647 PMR446 license-free radio

RT47: https://www.retevis.com/rt47-ip67-waterproof-rechargeable-two-way-radios

two radio way for summer camp

I just mention these models above are adult radios, the teacher or trainer can use it
For the student, Maybe the kids walkie talkie they’re possibly love them

RT388 kids walkie talkie: https://www.reteviskids.com/RT388-Colorful-Kids-Walkie-Talkies-Toy-radios-for-boys-and-girls/

kids walkie talkie

RT30 Owl Toy Walkie Talkie:https://www.reteviskids.com/RT30-Owl-kids-Walkie-Talkie-and-Binoculars-Sets

RT38 kids walkie talkie: https://www.reteviskids.com/Retevis-RT38-Children-walkie-talkie

If you want to make the adult radio to talk with kids walkie talkie, it’s complete no problem, the teacher and students play interactive games
There’s an article for reference: https://www.twowayradiocommunity.com/adult-radio-talk-retevis-childrens-radio/

If you want to learn how to choose two radio way for summer camp, pls feel free to contact me by email, partner@retevis.com





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