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how to choose the walkie talkie for hiking outdoors in nature

by Lewis

If you’re hams for outdoor hiking, you should know it’s very necessary to carry kinds of equipments for outdoor emergency requirement, Such as Bag, cup, knife, string, and so on, the walkie talkie is one of necessities of outdoor, It’s not only helpful to communication between partners, but also rid of the dangerous situation. The variety of walkie talkie, if you know how to choose walkie talkie for hiking outdoors, it will be half the work with double results

walkie talkie for hiking outdoors

Short distance communication

1-3KM, short distance communication, normally, the low power walkie talkie can meet requirement
The small volume and light for carrying, economic,durable and reliable, these also may be important points you consider
If I’m faced with this requirement, Retevis RT22 walkie talkie is my first option


outdoor walkie talkie

If you want to have a screen to see the current channel, RB19 is a very option, it owns same small body as RT22 walkie talkie


Long distance communication

5-8 KM, Long distance communication, at this time, you have to consider a higher power walkie talkie as a low power the distance is limited. Question is coming, You wonder how to choose a high power walkie talkie as when there are a lot of higher power models.There are three key elements, price, alarm function, big battery, I will firstly consider these three points. Price must be important. The alarm fucntion is also important when you haven’t stay in line of sight your team,at the same time, the big battery can keep eough power in case the emergency happen.

I recommend two walkie talkie for option: RT86 and RT29, Both are high power and big battery walkie talkie, RT29 has outdoor IP67 waterproof feature

In terms of distance, I introduce how to choose the walkie talkie. sure, you may consider other aspects, like price
In a word, It’s very important to choose a suitable walkie talike for hiking outdoors

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