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How to choose outdoor two way radio

by Lewis

Choose outdoor two-way radio is a necessary device when you do activities(hiking, mountaineering, fishing, hunting…)

Do you know key points when you choose outdoor two-way radio? A good outdoor two-way radio play important role in all outdoor devices

Waterproof function

Sometimes it’s a rainy day when you go outdoor, at that time, the two-way radio has IP67 waterproof function which also helps you communicate with your partner

Retevis RT87 is a dual-band IP67 waterproof radio, it’s a great device for outdoor communication


choose outdoor two way radio

Large capacity battery

If you need to communicate frequently, A large capacity battery can keep two-way radio long time standby to make sure that you have enough electricity to speak.

RT29 is a 3200 mah large capacity battery, it’s the biggest battery capacity in Retevis radios. Or the two-way radios can be changed the battery anytime, such as RT45, which mainly powered AA battery, you can carry more AA battery as spare for emergency

large battery capacity

Powerful flashlight

When you make an activity at the night, it’s a necessity that the two-way radio has a powerful flashlight, like fishing and hunting, which not only make you communicate normally,but also make you have a clear sight

RT86 owns a powerful flashlight, you can consider this model as one of the outdoor devices

Powerful flashlight

NOAA weather forecast

The NOAA weather forecast can help you getting the latest weather so that you can change your movement, RT16 and RT45, both have this function

Remote alarm

When you meet an emergency, when you turn on the remote alarm function, your partner can come to your side timely, RT29 has a local and remote alarm function

Remote alarm

After you learn more features on outdoor two-way radios, you will make a correct option how to choose outdoor two-way radio,If you’re interested in Retevis outdoor two-way radio, pls feel free to email us, partner@retevis.com

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