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How to Add Your Company with RB21 Management Platform?

by Wendy

Company management is a function for company administrators to manage their users and groups, including modifying users, adding groups, editing groups, managing secondary management.etc. If you want to manage all your company’s employees’ devices and assign tasks to various departments, you first need to add your company to the management platform.  Let me introduce the steps to add your company with RB21 Management Platform.

Step 1 Create

At first, please find the “Company List” in “Company Management”. Then click “Create ” to turn to the next page.

find the company list

find the company list

Step 2 Fill in company information

This page you can see several information need to be complete. Login email, company name and company contacts name are required. If you don’t reset the emai login passward and device login passward, they will be default password 123456.The difference between basic version and GPS version is whether the GPS is enabled or not. GPS version can view the user’s location. The name of customized dispatch console can be customized. After completing all the information, please click “Submit“.

complete the company information

complete the company information

Step 3 How to check and edit

You can find your company in the company list by searching. Here you can find the operation list and edit button. In operation list, you can add user, customize menus, apply for professional version and reser email password. If you want to modify your company information, you can click “Edit” button on the right.

find the operation list

find the operation list

You can customize the function menu to suit your needs, in this way, you can easily find follow settings on your menu. Patrol management can help you check whether patrols arrive on time at their assigned locations. Encryption management can help you set encryption passwords or remove encryption.

customize menus

customize menus

This is the entire process about how to add your company with RB21 management platform.Thank you for reading this blog! If you have any questions, pleasce leave your comments below. We are looking forward to your comments!

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