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How to add device for PoC radio RT51?

by Cherry

This blog will help you how to add a device for POC business radio RT51 on the platform.

What is the Poc Radio?

It is the Push to Talk Over the Cellular radio, allows you to communicate securely and privately to groups and individual users.

Wanna to use the RT51, you need to add the devices on the management platform. Please check the below steps:

1, Log in your platform


If you don’t have an account and password or forget these, please contact us.

2, Check the menu

Please check the left menu: Device Management

Device List: The list of all the devices you added.

Add Device: If you want to add a new, please click here.

See the below picture:

3, Add device

Click the Menu: Add device, see the below picture

Name: You can name this device by yourself, but must less than 8 characters.

Account: Radio ID, you can get this Account by programming your radio. Should be English letter or Numbers only.

Account number: You may not change it. The Default is one.

First number: You may not change it. The Default is one.

Password: The radio’s password. It matches to the account, you can get this Account by programming your radio.

GPS cycle:  The Default is 30. It means every 30 seconds the GPS will update.

Level: You can choose the value from 1-9. The higher the level, the more priority to transmit.

Valid time: You can check your device’s valid start time. After 1 year, please order the service 1-year Subscription here. Then go to the Order management to add order.

Remark: You can fill what you want to note.

Users functions: Except for the Remote kill and call prohibition, You can choose all the functions. But these functions will cost your sim card’s data traffic.

Group ID: This will be added by choosing the below group.

Group information: choose the group list for this device. About how to add group list, please click this blog: How to set a group list for RT51? 

If you have more questions about the PoC business radio RT51, please leave a message or contact us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/retevis


Or you can email us: partner@Retevis.com

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Henry Limtao 01/01/2020 - 12:18

How can I create an account and password

Cherry 02/01/2020 - 13:37

hi, when you order the radio, you can contact with the seller to get the management platform account and password, then login to add the device as the blog


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