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How Retevis radio works in emergency rescue operations

by retevis

When nature fights back to humans, we are so fragile to face it. Like floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and so on… In those events, communication tools like Retevis radio can help you reduce the losses.

Using radios in emergency rescue is more and more frequent. When the disaster happened, you can always see the rescue man holding radios to help victims. And for them, radios are not only a communication tool but also a necessity for them to keep safe.

Retevis radio RT47 RT48 RT29

Retevis radio RT47 RT48 RT29

1:Call for help nearby.

When the rescuers catch the emergency in a very urgent time or just one rescue at that time, they can use radios to inform the current situation and let his or her co-workers know. Also, the can make local hams know and help them solve the problem together.

2:Temporary call

There is strength in numbers! Calls through walkie-talkies to provide temporary emergency communication services.HAMs together can develop personal self-help communications into emergency communications for public services. It is based on handheld radios with repeaters. Stations expand the communication distance and communicate with the outside, providing support for volunteers!

3:Scan function and find help

When the phone is out of service, the radio is the best communication tool for the rescues. Using the scan function can help you find the rescuers and let them know what you need and where are you!

In this case, Retevis IP67 waterproof radio is a good choice! Except for this, battery quality and capacity are also suitable for you, you can choose according to your needs. And during the bad weather, saving enough clean water and food is a wise way to help you through the disaster.

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