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How many Retevis multi chargers available?

by Lewis

If you have many radios, but only has individual charger, it will be very trouble to charge at one time. As most of customers required, Retevis develop multi charger for some models, like RT22, RT21, H777 and son on, Let us learn how many Retevis multi chargers available

Why we need a multi charger instead of individual charger
Retevis multi chargers

First of all, we have a look this photo above, if you hasn’t multi charger, you need many charging base to charge by individual charger, which looks very messy and unsafe. If you use multi charger, this situation will be changed

How many Retevis multi chargers available

H777 multi charger available

RT21 multi charger available

RT22 multi charger available

RT27 multi charger available

RT-5R multi charger available, which is also compatible RT-5RV


RT8 and RT81 multi charger available, which is compatible model RT8, RT87 and RT50



RT3 multi charger available, which is also compatible RT3s


There is a Universal 5-Port USB Wall Charger RTC501

Compatible models: Retevis H-777 RT22 RT21 RT27 RT7 H-777S RT45

Retevis multi chargers

Why some models haven’t multi charger

Some models, like RT1 and RT29, the battery capacity 3000 mAh, both can be used for a long time, so they haven’t multi charger. Some new models just released, we will develop multi charger if customers need

If you interest muti charger, please send a email to us with your models and quantities, vip@retevis.com

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