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Honest Review of RT97 You’ve Been Waiting For

by Wendy

Recently, Alex, who knows a lot about radio communications, shared his honest review of the RT97 Repeater. Let’s see what we can find in his review.

What Are In the Box

Honest Review of RT97-What are in the box

Honest Review of RT97-What are in the box

Here is a box in a metal case with ribs. Fins are needed both as stiffeners and as radiator fins for cooling. It doesn’t get very hot though. It has two connectors. One antenna connector for receiving and transmitting at the same time. And a connector for connecting the power supply, GX16 4-pin. This repeater can be powered by anything from 12 to 24 volts. It has a built-in voltage converter, a stabilizer that allows it to operate from any of these voltages. It can be connect to the AC or be charged on the car by a car charger.

General Review

Honest Review of RT97-Frequency display

Honest Review of RT97-Frequency display

The memory of RT97 stores information about 16 channels. There are two buttons on the front panel to switch channels. You simply switch the channel number and each channel corresponds to a receiving frequency and a transmitting frequency. The display here on the front panel shows both frequencies at the same time.

On the case there is such a carrying handle, in the form of a strap. In general, it is a convenient design. RT97 weighs 1.66 kilograms. Made entirely of metal. The metal body is very durable. I’m pretty sure that if I put it on the ground and step it, it won’t get anything broken. And there is a second sealing gasket in order to provide electrical contact between the halves of the housing. Of course, this case is not completely sealed, and should not be immersed in the water, or it should not be left to work for a long time in the rain either. But for some short time, during the event, you can even use it outdoors, I think that nothing will happen to it even during a light rain.

Where Can be Used

Durable Case of RT97

Durable Case of RT97

RT97 repeater is quite durable, dust proof and moisture resistant. You can consider it as a mobile device, connecting a mains power supply to it and using it on long trips, in a field camp or at some picnics. You can mount it on a tree or on a pole and install the antenna directly on the connector itself on the repeater. There are several options. You can order the frequencies you need and they will be programmed into the receiver and transmitter, and a duplex filter will be adjusted for these frequencies, which is important. Or you can buy a ready-made repeater with ready-made frequencies, if they suit you. It comes with an instruction manual in English, which describes all the main parameters and capabilities of this repeater. On the Retevis Website, programming software is freely available. But in general, it is not difficult to deal with it.

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