What HD1 work mode mean?

Some customers noticed there’s three work mode in HD1 software: Simplex, Repeat, Double Slot. Do you know what HD1 work mode mean?

Simplex (This is called direct in software): this means direct called mode, for example private call, group call.
For private call and group call setting method, please check the hand operation steps below.

How to hand programme HD1 in digital mode?

Repeat (This is called repeater in software): when radio connects to repeater, please choose the Repeater mode.

Double slot: this mean DCDM( like RT82 DCDM function)

For digital radio like HD1, the time slot effects only connect to repeater.
For example, when you don’t connect to repeater, and you choose simplex, but not double slot in HD1 software.
In direct call mode, like HD1 talk with RT3, if HD1 communication channel select time slot 1, RT3 communication channel select time slot 2. Though different time slot, still they can communicate without any problem.
when you don’t connect to repeater, but you choose Double slot work mode in HD1 software. Then time slot will effect here. The channel that select time slot 1, can not talk with channel that select time slot 2.
What’s the advantage for double slot(DCDM)?
Generally, it enhanced the frequency utility . Because without DCDM function, two different channels normally can not use same frequency. But with DCDM, two different channels can choose same frequency, just change one channel with time slot 1, the other channel with time slot 2, but with same frequency is ok.

HD1 work mode can also select by hand in keyboard.

Menu–Band A/B set–DMR Mode–Direct/Repeater/Double slot.

You can choose corresponding work mode based on your requirement. Any other question? Please feel free to discuss.

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