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Ham Radio Desktop Microphone and Footswitch are Here

by Wendy

During ham radio contests, most of amateur radio operators will spend many hours to operate radios. If they hold the microphone all the time and keep pressing the PTT, then their hands will get tired. The perfect combination of Retevis ham radio desktop microphone and footswitch PTT will be the efficient solution.

SM01 Desktop Microphone

Ham Radio Desktop Microphone

Ham Radio Desktop Microphone

Four Optional Connectors

K-2 Connector: Compatible with RT3S or other brands of Kenwood 2-Pin radios;

GP328Plus Connector: Adapt to HD1 ham radio;

8-Pin Plugs Connectors: Compatible with shortwave radios such as ICOM IC-7300;

RJ45 8-Pin Connectors: Compatible with Retevis RT73&RT95 radios, xiegu G90, ICOM IC-7100, etc.


  • Adapt to HF/VHF/UHF radio sound quality in different frequency bands
  • Large PTT button for easy operation and swan neck microphone
  • External footswitch PTT/headphone jack
  • Volume adjustment to optimize sound quality
  • Lock release to switch on/off
  • Stable non-slip base with transmitting indicator

FS01 Footswitch PPT

Ham Radio Footswitch

Ham Radio Footswitch

FS01 footswitch PPT is a single channel foot switch to control the transmit/receive (PTT) function of an amateur radio transceiver. It features an ergonomically correct footswitch with 3.5mm jack,  and the actuation is a solid push down from your foot, which requires much less effort during long periods of operation.

Perfect Combination

ICOM IC-7300 transceivers base with Retevis SM01 desktop microphone and FS01 foot switch. It is very efficient and convenient to communicate while making the necessary records.

Ham Radio Desktop Microphone and Footswitch

Ham Radio Desktop Microphone and Footswitch

Thank you for reading this blog! If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. We are looking forward to your comments!


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