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H-777 Walkie Talkies SCAN Function

by AmazonUS

This is easy to operate H-777 scan function. It is a listening method used to hear calls on all channels. By pressing the dedicated button, the receiving circuit receives the channel for a period of time in a certain order to receive the signal in the channel.

And for the H-777, here is the instructions for use this SCAN.

1.H-777 settings:

Switch the Scan on software and then set the scanning channel of the transceiver to channel 16 in the software. Then the transceiver will automatically detect the activities of scanning channel from 1 to 15




2.Hot key:

Open the Retevis H-777, and on channel 16, press PTT and MONI key, it will turn on the SCAN, or turn off the SCAN.
3.Scanning process:
The transceiver stops scanning at the frequency (or memory channel) where a signal is detected, It then continues or stops scanning.


1.The scan function must be set to add a scan channel in the software, otherwise it cannot be used. The default factory is not added.
2.The transceiver scanning channel can be set to different channels.
3.If there are less than 2 channels, it can not scan.
4.If the FM radio function is activated, it can not scan.

This scan function of our Retevis H-777 walkie talkies has the simple operation, it can effectively improve communication efficiency, and easy to use business.



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