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Guide of distinguishing different Retevis analog radios

by retevis

We are often asked by customers, what is the difference of your analog walkie talkies? How do I distinguish different analog walkie talkies? Or If I need a radio, which should I select? Now let us summary different Retevis walkie talkies.

1. According to the environment.

How to select a different frequency range?UHF has a strong penetrating ability, suitable for occasions with many buildings, such as city, warehouse. VHF diffraction ability, suitable for using in surroundings and environment that is open and fewer barriers. Such as farm, sea, beach…

We have UHF radios, such as H777,RT21,RT22…

Some walkie talkies have UHF and VHF frequency band, they are different radios, such as RT3, RT29…

Also are UHF&VHF, they are more convenient, It’s also more economical.

We also have GMRS radio RT76, using certificates are also easy to obtain.as is shown:https://www.retevis.com/handheld-gmrs-two-way-radio-rt76

2. Different power, meet diverse distance needs

We have different power select, in general, the higher the power, the farther the distance, if other conditions are the same. Retevis has FRS&PMR446 radio, FES is 2w, PMR446 is 0.5w, we also have farther distance radios, such as RT5 series, RT5 is 7W, RT5R is 5w, if you want a walkie talkie that’s farther away, you can choose RT29, RT50, RT81, they are high power, support more long communication distance.

3. You also can select by specific demand characteristics

If your communication environment is special, you also can choose them with your needs. For example, we have vibrate function walkie talkies RB15, if you use your radios in a noisy environment, you can select vibrate function radios, don’t let you miss any signals. If you want to hike, you maybe need an NOAA function walkie talkies, let you know the weather changes in advance, and the journey is more secure, you can select RT41, RT45, RT16.

There are many factors that determine how you buy a walkie talkie, you can choose your walkie talkie according to our instructions, of course, if you have any questions, please contact us freely.

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