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Great Date Between Retevis CEO and Customers !

by Elsa

To open walkie talkie market in different countries ,Retevis CEO went to Lisbon (Portugal) Rome(Italy) ,Hamburger (Germany), Madrid (Spain) study the market in person from 31st,Mar. to 14th,Apr.Worthy of gratitude is many kind customers from these countries met Retevis CEO,Weidong Shen and has many interesting discussion about Retevis present problems, walkie-talkie future development and solutions. They give Retevis the best help during these days, Thanks for their support to Retevis in here !

Retevis CEO in Rome (Italy)

Aldo Rossi ,amateur radio member in Italy , he and his friend spent more than 2 hour from suburb met us. So good people ! Aldo metioned there are many amateur radio clubs and RT3 is more popular in Italy. It is interesting that they won’t use RT3 immediately after bought our walkie talkie, they will dismount device RT3 parts first, see our hardware facilities, then decide whether to modified or stand . There is no doubt about the answer,RT3 passed the test.So far,they are on the intercom modification (base + car charger) and to develop new functionality, here Retevis  will also do some things to help the customer in return.

Pls see the following pic,Aldo and his friend was discussing walkie talkie improvement problems with CEO of Retevis.






Retevis CEO in Hamburger (Germany)

Soeren Witte ,the boss of the security companies ,always purchased our H777 radio to sell his customers ,loving Retevis analog walkie talkie very much ,cheap, good quality and can meet the requirements of general consumers, want to consult with Retevis do distributors of Hamburg, Germany. In the process of communication, he who is a business man analyzed the Retevis brand walkie-talkie in the German market development prospect and What should we do the localization market. Aiming at the problem of how to improve our brand ,offered some effective solutions.Let’s looking forward to having a long-term cooperation with him ! 




Retevis CEO in Lübeck (Germany)

Uli ,a professioanl amateurs radio club member from Germany ,give us much help about our product ,even though he didn’t meet CEO of Retevis because of something,he worte a long letter to point out some suggestions to RT3 and analyse the digital radio prospects during amateur radio clubs all over the world ,and mentioned the solutions to do the best digital radio. Very professional and long letter, we don’t know Uli spent how long to finish this letter, but we know he really think of Retevis walkie talkie and love our product,we are grateful to our every customer’ support !

Thomas Matthes,Bjoern Sauss, two professional amateur radio gentleman,they are excited to meet CEO of Retevis and talked about 3 hours with their valuable opinions to Retevis, they showed their reconstruction results to RT3, RT3 how to work with  local base station , Analysis among Motorola ,Hytera and Retevis market (Motorola ,Hytera has a high price and Retevis has a good price and good quality Fully functional ).Due to the time problem, Thomas Matthes and his friends had to go to Hamburg and amateur radio team for a BBQ, A meaningful conversation!



In the end, thanks for all the customers ‘support to Retevis, we will bring your trust to open a broader walkie talkie market! Fighting !



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