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Get Clear Communication with Noise-Reducing Walkie Talkies

by Wendy

Stay connected with your team and get clear communication with Retevis noise-reducing walkie talkies. Retevis NR30 is designed to reduce background noise and provide crisp sound quality, allowing you to stay in touch with your team in any environment. Get clear communication today!

Why we need noise-reducing walkie talkies?

Noise reduction two-way radios are needed for a variety of reasons. They help reduce background noise and interference from other radio signals, which can be distracting and disruptive to radio conversations. They also help improve the clarity of radio transmissions, making it easier for users to understand what is being said. Finally, noise reduction two-way radios can improve radio reception range and reliability, allowing users to stay in contact over greater distances.

NR30 Noise Cancelling GMRS Radio

Retevis NR30 is commercial high-end two-way AI noise cancelling GMRS radio with better reception and sound quality. 8 repeater channels can make ultra-long-distance call by connecting with repeaters. It features IP67 waterproof, one key group call function, CTCSS/DCS cancellation, channel lock, local/remote alarm and a variety of functions.

Benefitting from decades of Retevis experience and expertise, NR30 offers superb audio quality even in very noisy environments. In addition to sophisticated sound analysis and optimization technologies, it feature Active Noise Reduction based on leading-edge digital technology. Clear communications are assured.  By default, the Side Key 2 is a shortcut for long press to open the noise reduction function.

Retevis NR30 Noise-Reducing Walkie Talkies

Retevis NR30 Noise-Reducing Walkie Talkies

However, remember the following: The noise cancelling effect may not be pronounced in a tranquil environment, or some sound may be heard. If there is little ambient noise, it is even advisable not to switch on the NC function, as it needs ambient input to function optimally. NR30 also has a high-power UHF version NR630, which is suitable for customers who pursue longer communication distances.

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