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Functional Detachable Antenna MURS Radio

RB38V MURS Radio

by Wendy

MURS stands for Multi-Use Radio Service, and MURS radios are used to be portable hand-held radios.  So we can often see the MURS radio in daily life due to their mulit-use.  Today, I would like to introduce a special detachable antenna MURS Radio- RB38V . It is a portable MURS radio, which is good to used on farms and ranches, to get coverage the length of your property. By the way RB38V MURS radio is on sale now, and one pack is only $18.99.

Durable Hidden Display

Different from other radios with display, RB38V comes with hidden display, which is 1.4-inch LED segment displays on the shell. This kind of display is more durable since it will not get worn. With bright green display, you can esay check the current working channel, volume and NOAA.

Detachable Antenna MURS Radio Display

Detachable Antenna MURS Radio Display

Detachable Antenna

One advantage of the MURS radios is their detachable antenna. If you want RB38V to the coverage you’re hoping for, your can replace the stock antennas with a higher gain antennas for maximum range. Here I highly recommend that you choose SMA-M HA06 Antenna, which is well matched with RB38V MURS radio.

Detachable Antenna MURS Radio

Detachable Antenna MURS Radio

NOAA Weather Alert

RB38V can lock into the NOAA weather broadcasts to deliver you a forecast. You can choose to press “CH +” and the side up button at the same time to quickly open NOAA. This is very useful while you are on a backpacking trip.

In the video, the application of RB38V in outdoor work scenes was introduced:

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