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What is the function of RT40’S TDMA Direct Mode

by Julia

What is the function of RT40’S TDMA Direct Mode

TDMA mean Time Division Multiple Address which is the working  mode of DMR radio.


The parameters of DMR radio mean the Slot.  In general, The Slot only open when the relay is connected to the repeater; The slot is closed when at the mode of DMO. But the RT40 offer one function of “TDMA Direct Mode”, This function can be realized that the slot open when at the mode of DMO. Getting the 6.25kHz bandwidth.

Set up the TDMA Direct model at the Channel Edit:


In the case of  closed TDMA Direct Mode,  the two DMO radio can communicate no matter at the same or different Slot.


In the case of  opened TDMA Direct Mode, the two DMO radio can communicate must need choose the same Slot. The different slot can’t be communicated. This way divides the 12.5KHZ into two channels, realizing the 6.25KHz bandwidth, also increased spectrum usage.


Note:  Ch Slot calibrator is used under Virtual cluster system. It doesn’t work at the DMO. It’s the level of the launch call, the advanced can insert to the low-level calls.


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