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FRS license-free radio RT22 talk with RB36 radio

by Lewis

If you ask if the FRS license-free radio RT22 talk with RB36 radio, the answer is Yes
Both are FRS license-free business radio with 16 default channels, so the communication is no problem

RT22 default frequency

RT22 talk with RB36 radio

RB36 default frequency

RB36 radio

Take RT22 US and RB36 US version as an example

RT22 and RB36, when you keep the same channel( one, two….), they can talk with each other

If not, please download and install software for RT22 and RB36 to check the default frequency in all 16 channels if these keep the same frequency and CTCSS/DCS

RT22 software: https://www.retevis.com/RT22-Channel-lock-FRS-Business-Radio#A9121GX1

RB36 software: https://www.retevis.com/RB36-FRS-Radio-Sound-amplifier#

If you want to learn more about RB36, please see this article:

Retevis RB36 Two-way Loudspeaker for your business!

Why we chose RT22 to talk with RB36 radio?

RT22 is a small and lightweight radio, which is very easy to carry in kinds of scenarios, such as supermarket, classroom, big stores and so on

However, RB36 is a 10W maximum audio output power with wide sound coverage, it can amplify RT22 voice when RT22 talk with RB36 radio

If you need to find someone in the supermarket, when you press PTT on RT22, the voice extends all of the corners in the supermarket

At the same time, you also answer RT22 by press PTT on RB36, the solution is very practical and effective in business communication 

RT22 talk with RB36 radio

If you have similar application requirement, welcome to order RT22 and RB36 on www.retevis.com, Sure, If you have any questions on programming RT22 and RB36, Pls feel free to contact us by email, partner@retevis.com


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