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Familiar with your POC walkie-talkies RB21

Retevis PoC walkie Talkie RB21

by Cherry

POC walkie-talkies RB21 is the latest model from Retevis. But lots of people still don’t know more about the PTT walkie-talkies. In this blog I will talk about something about RB21 and PoC radios, to help you familiar with your POC radio RB21.

First, Do you know what is PoC radio?

PoC means Push to talk over cellular. Most like the cellphone, you need to insert the SIM card, then you can talk to others. It is another wireless two-way communication.

Retevis RB21 is the PoC radio, but it not only support the Cellular data network but also supports the Wifi network.  It is the license-free PoC walkie-talkie because it doesn’t use the frequency to make limited communication. It is the Unlimited Poc Walkie talkies.

Second, familiar with the keypad and buttons on POC walkie-talkies RB21

Retevis RB21 is almost like a cell phone. With the big screen, keypads. Below is the picture that tells you the keys about the RB21 PTT walkie-talkie.

The Selection Key is the Mouse mode function. When you activate it, the screen will show the cursor, as the computer mouse.

SOS  button, when you press this button in the PTT apps, it will alarm and send the alarm to your group or friends. And the F3 key, you can define in the management platform.

Retevis RB21 poc walkie talkies Keypad

Third, understand the  Management Platform

If you have purchased the RB21, the seller (Retevis) will offer the management platform link and account with password to you. You can log in to set the company name, group name, group members, and so on.

RB21 poc radio management platform

Fourthly, Understand the GPS dispatch system

Set the main dispatcher, then the dispatcher can log in to the GPS dispatch system.  You can locate and track your members easily.

rb21 poc walkie talkies GPS dispatch system-Cherry

Fifth, RB21 POC walkie talkie with PTT apps

Log into the PTT apps on RB21 radio, then you will see the below page. You will see your account name, your group, and you can click to check the group information. The members and so on.

ptt APP on poc walkie talkie RB21

That’s all. When you know these, you will know how to use your RB21 POC radios. And POC radios are an easy-to-use and cost-effective option for group communication. You can also download the apps like Zello into RB21 walkie-talkies. If you’d like to know more about our POC radio, welcome to watch our live show on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/retevis/posts/1740401419572961


Any questions, please feel free to leave comments below, we will reply you soon.


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