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Do you run cross-country?

by Lucy

Do you run cross-country?

Cross-country refers to a medium and long-distance running in the wild natural environment. According to the route, it can be divided into three types: Trail Running, Cross Country Running and Fell Running.

Trail Running is currently the most common, mainly running on roads in the mountains, with large ups and downs. It will provide a clear track route, set up check-in points and supply stations along the way.

The rules of Cross Country Running are stricter. The track is generally between 4 kilometers and 12 kilometers. It is basically a natural path. Although the ups and downs are not too large, the natural environment is also more changeable. In addition to the mountain trails, there will also be grass and mud. road, gravel road, etc.;

Fell Running originated from the United Kingdom. The biggest feature is that there is no official track, as long as the players reach the finish line in the shortest time.

The cross-country conditions are complex and the terrain is complex and the elevation changes are very significant. Due to the complex road conditions, it is easy to have unexpected situations such as sprained feet, muscle strains, fractures, etc. At this time, in addition to mastering the necessary first aid knowledge, you also need to have instant communication tools, so that you can quickly contact the medical staff, tell them where you are and get prompt treatment.

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