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Do you know RB86 Waterproof GMRS Mobile Radio

by Lucy

Do you know RB86 Waterproof GMRS Mobile Radio?

RB86 is a high power Waterproof GMRS Mobile Radio. It is small in size and easy to carry. It has IP67 waterproof function and NOAA function, it is more convenient to use.

1. Power button: Turn on/off the raido

2. VOL: Adjust the volume of the radio

3.Main Diat: Select the channel; switch the scanning direction when scanning etc.

4.F: Function key

5.LO: Short press can adjust the power of 15-30 channels, but it can only be used when adjusting the power, and cannot be saved. Long press can display the difference frequency direction: positive difference Frequency: when “+” is displayed on the radio screen, it means the transmitting frequency is higher than the receiving frequency. On the contrary, “-” is displayed on the screen, which means the transmitting frequency is lower than the receiving frequency

6.Mz ST: F+Mz ST button can turn on the alarm function

7. CT (TS): Set the sub-tone: press the CT (TS) button, select CTCSS or CDCSS,  then press the F key to confirm, and then press the CT (TS) button again to set it

8.V/M(M/V): Long press the buttom, you can set the current frequency to the channel number you want to set

9.A/B(SQ): Short press to switch A/B line. After pressing F key, press A/B key to set the squelch level of the radio

10. RX: The indicator light of the radio during transmit

11. Mic connector: The port that the mic is connected to

Function shortcut keys:

Key tone: press the F key, the FUN icon on the screen flashes, and then press the 0 key on the mic, the key tone will be turned on.

Keyboard lock: Press the F key, and then press the 5 key on the micr to turn on the keyboard lock function.

Quick delete channels: Press the F key, and then press the VFO key on the mic to delete the selected channel.

If you have any questions, please leave messages below.

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