The different of Retevis RT21 and RT7

The different of Retevis RT21 and RT7

RT21 and RT7 all is the simple, easy to operate, functions streamlined commercial use of walkie-talkie.

Let’s we check the RT21 and RT7 Features:

1.Professional analog two way radio, it has better quality & hand feeling and more powerful functions than H777.
2. One meter free fall, two way radio housing without damage, the two way radio can continue to work(The bottom of the intercom down, can not turn the knob down).
3. Frosted and painted appearance,comfortable feel, rugged enclosure , wear resistance, not easy to scratch
4. scramber function to make your conversation more confidential.

1. FM Radio(Press the monitor key to open the machine, FM radio opened)
2. Bright Flashlight function
3. Ergonomic design, Relatively thin body

Now let’s we check the comparison:

Technological regimesAnalogAnalog
Frequency range400-480MHz400-470MHz
Memory Channel16 Channels16 Channels
Max power2.5Watts3Watts
Supply voltageLi-ion 3.7V/1300mAHLi-ion 3.7V/1000mAH
Dimension(Exclude antenna)4.76×2.44×1.22inch( 12.1×6.2×3.1cm Not include antenna)122x55x28mm(Not Including Antenna)
Net weight7.16oz(203g)171g(6.03oz)(Include Battery)
Funcation “VOX”YESYES
CTCSS/DCSYES50 group CTCSS/105 group DCS
Emergency alarm/

Channel Spacing

Frequencies step12.5k, 25k12.5k, 25k
User-defined side butttonsP1P1/P2
Squelch LevelYESYES
Power savingYESYES
Voice PromptYESYES
Battery low alertYESYES
FM radioYES
PC ProgrammingYESYES
AntennaAntenna Impedance:50ΩAntenna Impedance:50 ohm
Accessory ConnectorEar 3.5mm + Mic 2.5mm(Space of two-pin:11mm)Ear 3.5mm + Mic 2.5mm(Space of two-pin:11mm)
Other parametersAntenna:SMA-F/K

From this Form, we can check:

1. RT21 Frequency range is more a little than RT7, but RT21 can use at Australia(From 476 Mhz), RT7 can’t.
2. RT21 battery capacity is bigger than RT7, so RT21 standby time is longer.
3. RT21 shell is strong than RT7.
4. RT21 with small Antenna, that is not easy to break off.
5. RT7 have the Flashlight and FM radio function, but RT21 don’t have.


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