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Retevis Best Two-way Radios for Skiing

by Cherry

Want to Stay in touch with your skiing partner or family member? Wanna to keep everyone in your skiing party safe and infored?  Why not using the walkie-talkies as your skiing communciations? Not like the cell phone, there is no monthly usage fees, no need to worry about the cell phone “dead zones”, and if you use Family Radio Service (FRS) radios, you don’t even have to purchase a FCC license to use it.

What’s the advantage of use two way radios while skiing?

1, Skiing in back country, the most important reason to use radios is the first skier can alert the following skiers about the bad or dangerours conditions.

2, You can confirm and send the best route to other skiers by two way radios.

3, If one member of ski team falls behind or out of sight, he(she) can use the two-way radios to confirm safety and location.

4, If one skier find the best snow, he can call other skiers to enjoy the best ski route.

How to choose the best Two-way Radios for Skiing?

Here we listed some features you need to consider before purchasing.

1, Range

Skiing with friends or family members usually keeps several hundred meters, sometimes longer, even more than a few miles. So before choosing walkie talkies, you need to consider the Range. Usually for the FRS ( family radio service) radio, because the limited of its transmit power, so the range will be about 1-3km.

But if you want to find the long-range radios, you can consider the GMRS radio, the range will be about 2-5km.

2, Battery Life

Looking for radios with long battery life and use the standard AA or AAA batteries will be good choice.

3, Size/Weight

No one wants to carry a heavy Two-way radios for skiing. Because beside the radios, we also need to take other ski gears. So choosing a lightweight two way radio will be a good choice.

4, Waterproof and NOAA weather channel

Outside skiing especially in remote areas, it is very important to know the weather. So choosing a Radio that has the NOAA weather channel will be necessary.

Dropping your radios in the snow or water by suddenly is very common when skiing, so here we suggest you consider the waterproof two way radios.

Retevis Best Two-way Radios for Skiing


Skiing RadiosRangeMain Features
Retevis RT49P1-3KMIP67 Waterproof, Floating, NOAA weather channels, Flashlight and SOS, AA batteries.
Retevis RT47/RT647 1-3KMIP67 waterproof, license-free, Adapt to -10°C to 50°C working environment
Retevis RT45 1-2KMNOAA weather channels, ROOM MONITOR, AA batteries, Flashlight, license-free
Retevis RB17A2-5KMBrightly color, Long range GMRS band radio.
Retevis RB262-5KMLong range GMRS band radio, mini size, super flashlight, long standby
Retevis RB272-5KMLong range GMRS band radio, LCD display, NOAA weather channel, flashlight, long range and long standby
Retevis RB752-5KMLong range GMRS band radio, waterproof IP67, long range and long standby


At last, enjoy your skiing!

If you have any question, please leave messages below or contact us by email.

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