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Best SHTF Walkie Talkie? My Choice is…

by Wendy

If you are the one who is good to know the YouTube, you will know NotaRubicon Productions, who is famous for operating a YouTube Channel focused on radio communication. He reviewed Retevis RT29 High Power Portable Radio, thinking it is really perfect for emergencies and SHTF situation. So if you ask him for the best SHTF walkie talkie, you know his answer. Read on this article to learn about his complete review of RT29.

What are in the Box?

Unboxing the Best SHTF Walkie Talkie RT29

Unboxing the Best SHTF Walkie Talkie RT29

At first, you will receive the radio itself, RT29 handheld Waterproof  Two Way Radio. You will receive standard basic charger and a plug-in adapter. You will also receive a 3200mAh substantial battery. In all of my testing over several days with the radios, the battery never wore down. So it is very good long lasting battery. You will receive an antenna tuned for whichever version of RT29. RT29 comes in two versions, UHF and VHF. And I got the VHF version, so this antenna is tuned for the 400 MHz to 480 MHz. You will receive a belt clip which is heavier and bigger and stronger than the average cheap belt clip. You will receive this handsome wrist strap for fixing the radio to your wrist. You get this earpiece and microphone setup which is a little bit heavier duty feeling than the cheap ones.

Checking the Details

RT29 High Power Portable Radio

RT29 High Power Portable Radio

It’s got a power on and off knob, push-to-talk button, two programmable buttons and the waterproof jack for connecting the earpiece or your programming cable. It’s a very simple interface with no keys. That’s one of the things that i like about my radios is simplicity.

It is IP67 rated which makes it basically fully waterproof. It’s very durable and tough with repeater capable. It has a scrambling feature which is really cool. When you’re talking to another person using RT29 in an emergency situation with the same scrambling settings, you can hear each other talk fine. But any other would hear a voice as donald duck, they wouldn’t easily be able to understand what you’re saying.

The 16 channels are all preset and it also comes with CTCSS/DCS tones on every channel. The programming software is free to download on Retevis website, but you will need the optional programming cable which does not come with the radio. You can change the preset channels to the frequency you want by using the software. You can also remove the tones. You can take your two new radios out of the box, turning them on and putting them on the same channel, then you can start talking to your friend in the emergency situation.

Testing the Range

Testing the Best SHTF Walkie Talkie RT29

Testing the Best SHTF Walkie Talkie RT29

I got my friend sean, a happy ham who is licensed and can legally transmit using one of these radios so he did a couple of range tests. He was able to test it from the second floor of a building to a Black Bear Diner. By the way Black Bear Diner is 10.3 miles away. It turned out that this radio could talk to the other radio loud and clear. So these radios do work if you want them to transmit and penetrate.

Quick Overview

If you have the proper license, RT29 High Power Portable Radio is perfect for emergencies and SHTF situations or out adventuring.

Thank you for reading this blog! If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. We are looking forward to your comments!


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