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Best Antenna for MURS Radios-HA06 is On Sale

by Wendy

The Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) uses channels in the 151 – 154 MHz spectrum range. It is good for business, personal, or family use. MURS radios come with the removable antenna, even if the power is up to 2watt, but it is still possible to increase their communication range by changing a high gain antenna. I’m glad to introduce the new antenna for MURS radios-SMA-M HA06 Antenna / SMA-F HA06 Antenna

High Quality High Gain Antenna

The HA06 antenna is built with Retevis MURS radios in mind. It can be fixed tightly on Retevis radios without any sway. The material is very flexible and resilient, as the picture shows, it can be bent freely. This allows to easily handle any situation, any time. What’ more, HA06 antenna is made with durability in mind. Its construction is rugged enough. So don’t worry about the effect of use in bad weather. 

antenna for MURS radio

antenna for MURS radios



Center frequency : 152MHz
Gain: 2.15dBi
Radiation direction: Omnidirectional
Lightning protection: DC grounding
Power capacity: 20W
Length: 390mm
Connector: SMA-F/SMA-M
Radome Material: ABS

According to the different thier connectors,  HA06 can be divided into SMA-F/SMA-M



Application of SMA-M HA06

Below MURS radios can be matched with SMA-M HA06:

Retevis MURS raidos

Retevis MURS raidos

RT47V MURS Waterproof Radios

RT47V is a rechargeable waterproof two way radio, with IP67 rating. It has good performance on dustproof and waterproof. It comes with a USB charging cable and a adapter, which supporting many charging methods. This radio is good for outdoor adventures, such as hiking, camping, skiing,etc.

RB17V MURS 2 Watt Radio

RB17V is a MURS 2 Watt radio with super large capacity 4400mAh, so when you are working with radio, don’t worry about it will be power off. This radio is suitable for businsess, such as used in warehouse and construction sites.

RB38V MURS Hidden Display Radio

RB38V is a MURS VHF band two way radio with hidden display, which helps you to check the current working channel, volume, NOAA. Its size is so mini that can be put in your pocket. With NOAA weather alert function, it can offer you the local weather, and help you to plan your trip or outdoor working.

Application of SMA-F HA06

SMA-F HA06 can be used on RT21 MURS radio.

Retevis RT21V MURS radio

Retevis RT21V MURS radios

RT21V MURS Business Radio

RT21V is a professional analog rechargeable walkie talkies with rugged enclosure. We tested its actual power up to 2.5W and capacity of the battery is Li-ion 1100mAh. It comes with a desktop charger, which is convenient for charging. This two way radio is suitable for the storage, wharf, construction site, tourism, hotel, logistics, factory, etc.

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