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Beginner’s Guide: What Are Repeaters

by Wendy

Today I would like to talk about what repeaters are in general, and what they are in radio communications. If you’re interested in this topic, Read on!

Duplex Repeater

A repeater is a device that receives a signal from the air and transmits it again to the air. A real full-fledged repeater receives a signal on the air on one frequency and transmits it again on the air on another frequency, at the same time as it receives, without introducing any delay into the signal. Such a repeater is called duplex. It contains one receiver and one transmitter. Everything that the receiver receives on its own frequency is broadcast by the transmitter on its own frequency. Accordingly, such a repeater must contain some kind of filtering device that allows the receiver to work with the transmitter turned on at the same time. Most often, the receiver and transmitter operate in the same frequency band, with some slight spacing, and the filter should ensure hat the receiver works so that the transmitter does not interfere with it. Well, in fact, the receiver itself must be with fairly good characteristics in order to work in such conditions.

Cross-Band Repeater

There are also cross-band repeaters. In this case, the receiver receives a signal in one band, and the transmitter transmits in another band, and, accordingly, the filtering properties of some kind of duplex filter for such a repeater become much simpler, since the frequency spacing is very large. Sometimes it is even several times, for example, at 145 megahertz reception, and at 430 transmission.

Parrot Simplex Repeater

And there are also parrot repeaters. This is a device that receives a signal at one frequency, writes it to memory, and then, when the signal ends, it plays it back from memory at the same frequency. It is he easiest way. It doesn’t need any duplex filter, just one radio and a recorder that records and plays the sound. It is very inconvenient to use such a repeater, because so far everything that we are saying is on the air, the repeater is recording, and your correspondent cannot hear you at all. And then you hear yourself on the air. Everything that you said is repeated by the parrot, and all the other correspondents hear you.

In fact, in radio communications, especially in professional, only duplex repeaters are used. If you need a repeater for your radio communication, I will highly recommend this Retevis RT97 Repeater. It is a full-fledged duplex repeater, but a mobile and portable device made in a small size. Moreover, it contains not only a repeater, receiver and transmitter, but also a duplex filter. RT97 repeater is quite durable, dustproof and moisture resistant. You can consider it as a moblie device, connecting a mains power supply to it and using it on long trips, in a field camp or at some picnics.

What Are Repeaters-RT97

What Are Repeaters-RT97

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