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NOAA Weather Walkie Talkies Can Be The Lifesaver

by Wendy

May and June are peak tornado season. Recently, Chicago was hit by the tornado. The many suffered this terrible experience. To avoid or reduce the loss of life and injuries were ,we need to take the necessary steps to protect your family. The best defense against severe weather is early warning, giving people time take shelter and prepare. So we need to be weather-ready. Check the forecast regularly to see if you’re at risk for tornadoes. Listen to local news or a NOAA Weather channels to stay informed about tornado watches and warnings. Consider buying and programming the NOAA weather walkie talkies for your home, and you can get prepared the next time severe weather threatens.

In this case, I will highly recommend our RB27 SERIES , including RB27(GMRS),RB27V(MURS Radio) and RB27B(FRS Radio). All of these three models can receive 11 NOAA weather channels, which you can get a comprehensive weather and emergency information from them.

RB27 Series NOAA Weather Walkie Talkies

RB27 Series NOAA Weather Walkie Talkies

The radios of RB27 series have the similar appearance. But they all have different antennas.

RB27: The one has the taller body than the others is the RB27 GMRS radio. Up to 5W, it is also the most powerful of the three. According to the FCC rules, the antenna of GMRS is fixed. It has 30 fixed channels on the radio, the last 8 channels are the repeater channels. So it is repeater capable.

RB27B: The one with the shortest antenna is RB27B 2W FRS Radio, which has 22 channles in all.

RB27V: The other one with the longer antenna is RB27V. It is a MURS radio with the removable long antenna. Its antenna can be replaced with a higher gain antenna. Through it only have five channel, but these channels are not crowded as others, so signals on these channels will be be received well.

Great Features of RB27 Series:

Dual Watch Function: They all have dual watch function, you can set them to watch two channels at the same time.

Convenient Charging: They all comes with a USB charging base and a built-in battery, supporting Type-C direct charging, which is more convenient way to charge.

FM Broadcast: They all support the FM broadcast. Short press the side button of the walkie-talkie to enter FM radio, the frequency range is 76-108mhz. You can receive your local news and some entertainment information. Even if you stay in the safe shelter, you can also receive the local news to know if it’s safe outside.

Local and Remote Alarm: They all have local alarm and remote alarm. When you’re in the emergency, remote alarm mode will trigger the alarm on your partners’ radios.

If you are American or Canadian users, you can choose the GMRS, FRS and MURS version of RB27 series, all of them have 11 NOAA weather channels. If you’re interested in this series, but you live in Europe, you can choose its European version, which is called RB627B. It is the PMR446 radio with 16 channels.

Thank you for reading this blog! If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. We are looking forward to your comments!


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