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Ailunce HD1 is Published in the magazine

by Cherry

Ailunce HD1 is Published  in the magazine, the WirlessPractical magazine Issue of May, 2018.

Ailunce is the sub-brand of Retevis, and Model HD1 is the first amateur radio, was released last year. Now it has two version, GPS and Non GPS! You can buy it from official website: www.retevis.com/hd1

Everyone knows that the Practical Wireless is a unique magazine that has been in continuous publication since 1932. And since 1980, the magazine has aimed itself specifically at the Radio Amateur.

The article was written by Tim Kirby, G4VXE, Review: The Ailunce HD-1 144/430MHz Dual-Band DMR Transceiver. Please note, the model is HD1 not the HD-1.

First Paragraph

The first generation of DMR radios were typically single band, but HD1 is the dual-band DMR handheld specifically designed for the amateur market.

The second Paragraph

Tim’s First Impressions for HD1:  It is a solid radio, well constructed, which fits nicely in the hand, and attractive and clear, colour display.

And in this paragraph, he says the HD1 has 32 Radio IDs, you can program them by software or program them by keyboard directly.

The Third Paragraph

He says if you met the problem with Repeater Fail when you connect with the repeater, you can turn the power-save function off because it seems as if this can cause problems with the very first milliseconds of the signal from the repeater being missed.

The features he recommends

1, Keyborad program: He enjoyed the ability to program the HD1 from the keypad. If you want to listen to a DMR repeater but didn’t have the programming cable and PC with you,  you wouldstill be able to do this by keyboard.

2, Battery: He says :Battery life on the HD1 is really, really excellent.

3, the HD1 has the VFO mode and the abilityto tune around.

4, 32 Radio IDs, if you share your radio with others, you can swap between the IDs.

About the question

Missed Call: It has been resolved by the lastest firmware, so if you have the same question, please upgrade your firmware!

Wanna to know more about this article? please check the wirless practical magazine Issue of May, 2018.

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If any quesiton about this radio, please feel free to contact us or leave a message here!









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